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MIT Community Members Celebrated as Forbes Young Innovators

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Forbes calls its lists of 2020 30 Under 30 honorees "young, creative and bold minds who are proof positive that the future will be new, exciting and profoundly different.” And as in past years, MIT alumni, students, and researchers are well represented among the 20 different categories of innovators less than 30 years of age.

At least 28 MIT community members were named to this year’s list, including 22 alumni. Find out who from MIT made this year’s 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 list below. (All images via Forbes unless otherwise noted.)

Visit the 30 Under 30 website for the full list and to learn more about those from MIT. And for more young innovators from MIT, learn about the more than 100 community members who have been named to the 30 Under 30 lists in past years: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

Forbes 2020 30 Under 30: MIT Community Members

  • ArbesfeldMatt.jpg

    Matt Arbesfeld ’16 (Enterprise Technology)

    CEO and cofounder, LogRocket

    “Their company reveals the root causes of bugs through recording videos of user sessions and analyzing logs and network data.”

  • ClergetCharles-Henri.jpg

    Charles-Henri Clerget, postdoctoral associate (Energy)

    COO and cofounder, Acoustic Wells

    “[Acoustic Wells] uses IoT sensors embedded in oil and gas fields to ‘listen’ to what's happening in reservoirs, pumps and pipes in order to detect potential leaks and problems in real-time.”

  • deQuilettesDane_PandaAnurag.jpg

    Dane deQuilettes and Anurag Panda, postdoctoral associates (Energy)

    Team Leads, GridEdge Solar

    “deQuilettes and Panda are developing light-weight, flexible perovskite solar panels which can be easily transported to remote locations and installed.”

  • SaschaEder

    Sascha Eder SM '15 (Enterprise Technology)

    CEO and cofounder, NewtonX

    “Frustrated with traditional market research companies…they founded NewtonX: a platform to connect experts and market research clients.”

  • FavieroBruno_GautamSimanta.png

    Bruno Faviero '15 and Simanta Gautam ’17 (Enterprise Technology)

    Cofounders, Synapse Technology

    “Synapse combines computer vision with X-ray machines at security checkpoints to better identify weapons and other prohibited items.” Read more on Slice of MIT.

  • Gao.jpg

    Yida Gao '13 (Venture Capital)

    General partner, Struck Capital

    Seed venture firm Struck Capital says it invests in “companies led by visionary technologists. We are industry agnostic and source idiosyncratic opportunities.”

  • HachigianLee_Update.jpg

    Lea Hachigian PhD '17 (Healthcare)

    Cofounder, TScan Therapeutics

    “Tscan is a cancer immunology company that uses a high-throughput platform to identify potential new cancer targets and simultaneously detect new T cell receptors.”

  • HedrickJames.jpg

    James Hedrick '13 (Manufacturing and Industry)

    Cofounder, Azul 3D

    "Hedrick helped develop…a version of stereolithography that allows printing of larger parts in a 2.5-square-foot print bed without compromising speed.”

  • RumenHristov_ZacharyKabelac.jpg

    Rumen Hristov '16, MEng '17 and Zachary Kabelac '12, MEng ’14, PhD ’19 (Healthcare)

    Cofounders, Emerald Innovations

    “The Emerald device can capture valuable patient home data through walls without touching or disturbing the patient in any way.”

  • Harrison Hunter '15 (Enterprise Technology)

    Harrison Hunter '15 (Enterprise Technology)

    CTO and cofounder, MaestroQA

    “MaestroQA has raised $6.25 million and has 200 paying customers for its software that helps manage customer service with quality assurance and coaching tools.”

  • KearnsJordan.jpg

    Jordan Kearns SM '17 (Energy)

    CEO and founder, Medley Thermal

    “Medley has a dynamic system that can help industrial companies switch production of their vital steam supply between fossil fuels and renewables.”

  • KolyshMax_PaiAnvisha.jpg

    Max Kolysh '14 and Anvisha Pai ’14 (Enterprise Technology)

    CEO and Cofounders, Dover

    “Dover saves time and reduces HR costs by using machine learning and natural language processing to find and recommend non-obvious candidates for open positions.”

  • KolyshMax.jpg

    Siddharth Krishnan, postdoctoral researcher (Science)

    Postdoctoral research affiliate, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

    “Krishnan's work is aimed at developing wearable sensors and implantable devices for drug delivery.”

  • Connie Liu '16 (Education)

    Connie Liu '16 (Education)

    Founder, Project Invent

    “Through her non-profit Project Invent, the MIT graduate is making high schoolers get creative with the lessons they're learning.” Read more on Slice of MIT.

  • MasonBrown, Lucas CREDIT MIT NEWS.jpg

    Lucas Mason-Brown, graduate student (Social Entrepreneurs)

    Cofounder, Data for Black Lives

    “Mason-Brown has helped build a network of more than 4,000 scientists and activists who are committed to using data to create measurable change in the lives of black people.” (Photo: MIT News)

  • YasyfMohamedali_Update.jpg

    Yasyf Mohamedali '17, MEng '18 (Healthcare)

    CTO and cofounder, Karuna Health

    “Karuna Health helps caseworkers to coordinate care, and enables patients to reach their care team via several different options including text, email and WhatsApp.” Read more on Slice of MIT.

  • Natasha Nath '12 (Finance)

    Natasha Nath '12 (Finance)

    USD rates volatility trading, Deutsche Bank

    “Nath is head of the U.S. rates gamma book at Deutsche Bank, one of Wall Street's larger market-making desks.”

  • Pointing.jpg

    Jessica Pointing '18 (Science)

    Doctoral candidate, Stanford University

    “Pointing's research is devoted to fulfilling the promise of quantum computing by developing algorithms that can solve useful problems on today's machines.”

  • Kanjun Qiu 12, MEng '13 (Enterprise Technology)

    Kanjun Qiu 12, MEng '13 (Enterprise Technology)

    CEO and cofounder, Sourceress

    “Qiu's recruitment company Sourceress provides companies with the recruiting tech once only available to firms with massive HR budgets.”

  • Sana Raoof, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences program (Healthcare)

    Sana Raoof, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences program (Healthcare)

    Researcher, Harvard University

    “[Raoof] is focused on reducing the burden of tobacco-related disease and lung cancer in America.”

  • Sivakami Sambasivam '11 (Marketing and Advertising)

    Sivakami Sambasivam '11 (Marketing and Advertising)

    Founding team member, GoodRx

    “Sambasivam became a founding team member at the prescription startup GoodRx, which tackles the issue of soaring prescription drug prices.”

  • StrobachElise_WilkeKyle_0.jpg

    Elise Strobach SM '17 and Kyle Wilke SM ’16, PhD ’19 (Energy)

    CEO and cofounders, AeroShield Materials

    “AeroShield promises to insulate windows far better thanks to the power of aerogels—an ultralightweight material made from silica.”

  • TroutnerUpdate.jpg

    Jason Troutner MBA '19, SM '19 (Healthcare)

    CTO and cofounder, Cast21

    “Cast21 has developed a light-weight, breathable web sleeve that…replaces the traditional cast for broken bones, and is waterproof and more comfortable.”

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Patricia Newbold

Thu, 01/23/2020 5:15am

Much-maligned and tiny Senior House shows up in 3 of these 23 enterprises and 28 community members. I'm told there are more than 6 times as many undergrads from Senior House in this list than in our share of MIT undergrads. Confirms my strong feeling as an undergrad living there in its earliest coed days that this was the most supportive and welcoming of all the MIT housing options over the course of many decades before and since.

Congratulations to my fellow Senior House alums:
Anvisha H. Pai '14, Cofounder of Dover
Bruno Faviero '15, Cofounder of Synapse Technology
Rumen Hristov '16, Cofounder of Emerald Innovations

And to all those on the list from other sectors of our MIT community.