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More than 30 from MIT Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Lists

  • Jay London

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Forbes calls its 2019 30 Under 30 honorees “a collection of bold risk-takers who are putting a new twist on the old tools of the trade.” So it should come as no surprise that the MIT community is well represented among the 20 categories and 600-plus names.

Thirty-three MIT community members were named to this year’s list, including 27 alumni. Check out the MIT alumni, faculty, and students named to the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list below. (All images via Forbes unless otherwise noted.)

Visit the 30 Under 30 website for the full list. For more young innovators from MIT, learn about the community members who were named to the 30 Under 30 lists in 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.

Forbes 2019 30 Under 30: MIT Community Members

  • Alghunaim.jpg

    Aziz Alghunaim ’15, MEng ’15 (Social Entrepreneurs)

    Cofounder, Tarjimly

  • Anoun.jpg

    Amine Anoun SM ’17 (Law and Policy)

    Cofounder, Evisort

  • Boyce_0.jpg

    Chris Boyce ’11 (Science)

    Assistant Professor, Columbia University

  • Boyer.jpg

    Sebastien Boyer SM ’16 (Manufacturing and Industry)

    Cofounder, FarmWise

  • Buolamwini.jpg

    Joy Buolamwini SM ’17 (Enterprise Technology)

    Founder, Algorithmic Justice League

  • Chen.jpg

    Fei Chen PhD ’17 (Healthcare)

    Principal Investigator, Broad Institute, Harvard-MIT

  • Clites.jpg

    Tyler Clites PhD ’17 (Healthcare)

    Postdoctoral Associate, MIT

  • Cohen.jpg

    Joshua Cohen ’12 (Healthcare)

    MD-PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University

  • Chang_Carter.JPG

    Carter Chang ’12 (Energy)

    Head of Strategic Planning, Solar Products, Tesla

  • Coley.jpg

    Connor Coley SM ’16 (Healthcare)

    PhD Candidate, MIT

  • Cowern.jpg

    Dianna Cowern ’11 (Education)

    Founder, Physics Girl

  • Cui.jpg

    Cheryl Cui, 2017 graduate, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology (Healthcare)

    Cofounder, Nest.Bio

  • Dalvantes.jpg

    Chris Davlantes ’15 (Energy)

    Founder, Reach Labs

  • Finman.jpg

    Ross Finman SM ’13 (Games)

    AR Research Lead, Niantic Labs

  • Freije.jpg

    Catherine Freije (Healthcare)

    Researcher, Broad Institute, Harvard-MIT

  • Javed.jpg

    Atif Javed ’15 (Social Entrepreneurs)

    Cofounder, Tarjimly

  • Jean.jpg

    Joel Jean SM ’13, PhD ’17 (Energy)

    Cofounder, Swift Solar

  • Ganeshram.jpg

    Shri Ganeshram ’15 (Consumer Technology)

    VP Growth, Analytics & Strategy, Eaze

  • Hui.jpg

    Rebecca Hui MCP ’18 (Social Entrepreneurs)

    Founder, Roots Studio

  • Kadambi.jpg

    Achuta Kadambi PhD ’18 (Science)

    Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Khalifa.jpg

    Sammy Khalifa ’12 (Manufacturing and Industry)

    Cofounder, Vicarious Surgical

  • Brian Liston

    Brian Liston SM '15 (Enterprise Technology)

    Cofounder, Seed CX

  • Nayar.jpg

    Kishor Nayar SM ’14 (Energy)

    Founder, Rengen Technologies

  • Myhrvold.jpg

    Cameron Myhrvold (Healthcare)

    Researcher, Broad Institute, Harvard-MIT

  • Ren.jpg

    Xiaoyuan Ren SM ’16, SM ’17 (Social Entrepreneurs)

    Founder, MyH2O

  • Rossmann.jpg

    Jeremy Rossmann ’13 (Education)

    Cofounders, Make School

  • Vicarious.jpg

    Adam Sachs ’13 (Manufacturing and Industry)

    Cofounder, Vicarious Surgical

  • Sadtler.jpg

    Kaitlyn Sadtler (Science)

    Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

  • Srinivas.jpg

    Raja Srinivas PhD ’17 (Healthcare)

    Cofounder, Asimov

  • Sun.jpg

    Jonny Sun G (Media)

    Illustrator, Writer

  • Tan.jpg

    Scott Tan SM ’18 (Science)

    Graduate Student, MIT

  • Cofounders, Seed CX

    Edward Woodford SM '15 (Enterprise Technology)

    Cofounder, Seed CX

  • Yuk.jpg

    Hyunwoo Yuk SM ’16 (Science)

    Graduate Student, MIT

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