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The Alumni Association’s Slice of MIT blog offers a quick taste of Institute life—amazing discoveries, alumni stories, student life, and campus happenings—for alumni and readers interested in MIT. Students, faculty, and staff contribute to SliceSend your comments and questions.

Alumni Association Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing Voices

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    Kate Repantis

    Senior Digital Content Strategist

    Kate Repantis has a background in communications management, public relations, video production, and journalism. She spends her free time learning Greek, traveling the world, and growing the perfect tomato.

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    Jay London

    Marketing Strategist and Multimedia Writer

    Jay London is a devout Bostonian with a background in marketing for higher education. He is an aspiring handyman who enjoys spending time with his wife and sons. His favorite book is J. Anthony Lukas’s Common Ground

  • nicole morell

    Nicole Morell

    Associate Director, Digital Marketing Strategy

    Nicole Morell has a background in online marketing, communications, video, and writing. When not tweeting or posting on Facebook, she can be found running, swimming, or exploring Boston.

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    Julie Fox

    Digital Content and Editorial Manager

    Julie Fox has a background in marketing, communications, public relations, publications, and writing for educational institutions. She is originally from the Granite State and enjoys anything and everything New England but is always looking for a reason to add a stamp to her passport. 

  • Brielle Domings

    Brielle Domings

    Multimedia Producer/Videographer

    Brielle Domings is the go-to person for all things video at the MIT Alumni Association. She has a background in digital communications with extensive experience in video storytelling, production, and marketing. When she is not behind the camera, she enjoys traveling, listening to podcasts, and practicing yoga.

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