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Meet Tega, the New Robot in School

The child-friendly robot Tega is the product of extensive research on child-robot interaction and educational best practices.

MIT Homework Assignment Turned Novel

In her sophomore year at MIT, Annabelle Kim '86, SM '89 started her first novel, though she didn’t realize it at the time. A five-page writing assignment about her experience while living in Korea inspired her story and, although she would spend the next two decades working on a career in engineering, eventually she returned to the passage when she started writing her acclaimed novel, Tiger Pelt.
Julie Barr

Grad Life

Grad Life: Unlocking the World Wide Web

Kalli Retzepi is a first year graduate student at the Viral Communications group at the Media Lab. She is interested in the making and politics of online interfaces, the user’s behavior, agency and assumed roles.
Kalli Retzepi, Media Lab