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How Big Is MIT’s Alumni Community?

In the 2018 academic year, the Institute awarded 3,489 new degrees to increase the total number of living alumni to more than 137,000.
Jay London

Grad Life: Doggos or Manatees?

Computational and systems biology grad student Conner Kummerlowe shares his journey through machine learning.
Conner Kummerlowe, Computational and Systems Biology

Grad Life: Unlocking the World Wide Web

Kalli Retzepi is a first year graduate student at the Viral Communications group at the Media Lab. She is interested in the making and politics of online interfaces, the user’s behavior, agency and assumed roles.
Kalli Retzepi, Media Lab


The Tesla of the Sky is Here

Alum-founded Zunum Aero is developing a hybrid-electric aircraft for regional mass transit beginning in the early 2020s.
Julie Barr

Watch: When Will Driverless Cars Be a Reality?

Don MacKenzie SM '09, PhD '13, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Washington shared his research on autonomous vehicle in a recent Faculty Forum Online, Alumni Edition.
Julie Barr

Sloanies Aim to Convert 100% of Sanitation Waste

On the first day of MIT Sloan Orientation, conversation among Lindsay Stradley MBA '11, Anirudh Vallabhaneni MBA '11, and David Auerbach MBA '11 quickly turned to what they hoped to get from their MIT experience.
Nicole Morell