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Graduates: Lessons from MIT Alumni

On June 8, approximately 3,000 students graduated from MIT, setting off on the next stage of their lives. Perhaps they have a solid plan in place, or perhaps they don’t, but either way, they will receive words of advice from many people—friends, loved ones, and complete strangers. What better source of advice then the alumni who came before you, for recent MIT graduates or anyone.
Julie Barr

Geek Culture

Arrrr! MIT Pirates—and Matt Damon—Certified

The “swashbuckling" Institute has certified more than 350 students and alumni as official MIT pirates after they completed specific PE courses, but actual pirating is limited to entertainment purposes only.
Nancy DuVergne Smith

Window to the Heart Opens for Valentine’s Day

An alumni-led collaboration designed Window to the Heart, the world's largest fresnel lens at 12' diameter, which will be on display in Times Square through February.
Nancy DuVergne Smith