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Champion Artificial Intelligence Education, Say MIT Alumni

MIT alumni say decisive leadership is essential to guarantee that development of AI technologies includes consideration of societal and ethical questions alongside the technical.
Meg Murphy, School of Engineering

Using Tech to Combat Bias in Hiring

Top tech companies have a diversity problem. Some companies say that the lack of diversity comes from a lack of qualified candidates. Stephanie Lampkin MBA ’13 argues that’s just not true.
Nicole Morell

Alumna Helps Others Turn Research into Empowerment

Motivated by her experience as an underprepared undergrad, Niaja Nichole Farve SM '12, PhD '16 started a non-profit to help prepare underrepresented and underserved communities get the research needed to succeed in STEM careers.
Julie Barr

Bringing Commercial Insurance into the Digital Age

Personal insurance is easy to buy online, but you’re out of luck if you want commercial insurance. If you’re a contractor or small business owner searching for an insurance policy, it’s offline you go. Two MIT alumni aim to change that.
Nicole Morell


Alum Books Podcast: Treating Healthcare

Raisa Deeber '71, SM '71, PhD '77 shines a light on the strengths and weaknesses in Canada’s healthcare policies and considers what countries like the United States might emulate moving forward.
Joe McGonegal