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Trading Business for Bikes

18 years ago, Fred Ackerman '96 took a month-long sabbatical from his consulting job and never went back.
Julie Barr

Plan a Wedding, Save a Farm

Sam McElhinney MBA '17 found a way to save New England's small farms, family estates, orchards, and other largely undeveloped properties and allow them to host events without giving up their properties.
Julie Barr

Revitalizing Ancient Art with Robotics

A lover of art and of tools, Ted Acworth MBA '07 used his mechanical engineering background to design a custom robotic manufacturing system to create mosaics.
Julie Barr

Virtual Drug Trials Boost Results

Bringing a new drug to market can cost more than two billion dollars. Not to mention years of work spent developing and testing for scientists, researchers, doctors, and trial participants. By bringing trials to the virtual realm, Belinda H. Tan ’96 has found a way to cut all that in half.
Julie Barr


Alum Books Podcast: Treating Healthcare

Raisa Deeber '71, SM '71, PhD '77 shines a light on the strengths and weaknesses in Canada’s healthcare policies and considers what countries like the United States might emulate moving forward.
Joe McGonegal

Alum Books Podcast: The Last Man Who Knew Everything

A photo of acclaimed scientist Enrico Fermi running down a beach, vying to beat his peers in a race, is a fitting metaphor for Fermi’s life and career, says biographer David N. Schwartz PhD ’80.
Joe McGonegal