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29 MIT Community Members Celebrated in Forbes 30 Under 30 List for 2022

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Celebrating the 10th anniversary since launching the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Forbes says that this class is set to “define the next decade—and beyond.”

From sensory feedback on prosthesis to betting on future events to accelerating the world’s transition to a carbon negative existence—MIT alumni, students, faculty, postdocs, and researchers under 30 years of age are being recognized for their innovations among the 20 different categories.

At least 29 community members were named to this year’s list, including 27 alumni. Find out who from MIT made this year’s 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 list below. (All images via Forbes.)

Visit the 30 Under 30 website for the full list and to learn more about those from MIT. Learn about the more than 100 community members who have been named to the 30 Under 30 lists in past years: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

  • Alex Abramson

    Alex Abramson PhD ’19 (Science)

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

    Abramson developed an ingestible robotic capsule to deliver biologic drugs, which normally require an injection or infusion. His approach, published in Science, has worked in large animal models with drugs including insulin and Humira.

  • Chukwunenye (Nenye) Anagbogu ’18 and Colin Webb ’18

    Chukwunenye (Nenye) Anagbogu ’18 and Colin Webb ’18 (Food & Drink)

    Cofounders, Sauce

    “A dynamic pricing tool for restaurants that cofounders Webb (CEO) and Anagbogu hope will give restaurants more profitability. By integrating with delivery channels like DoorDash and UberEats, Sauce’s data revamps pricing to net a restaurant higher profits and customer growth.”

  • Paul Cheek

    Paul Cheek (Energy)

    Cofounder, Oceanworks

    “In two years, Oceanworks has diverted thousands of tons of plastic from waterways and helped corporate clients like Clorox, Sperry, and zipper maker YKK launch sustainable products. Cheek is a serial entrepreneur and lectures on the subject at MIT Sloan.”

  • James Diao

    James Diao ’23 (Healthcare)

    MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School (Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program)

    "James Diao helped shift national recommendations to eliminate the use of race in kidney function tests through his research. His research found that when race was removed from these tests, diagnosis and outcomes vastly improved.”

  • Heath Gould

    Heath Gould ’14 (Sports)

    Surgical Resident, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

    “Heath Gould is a fourth-year orthopedic surgery resident, training alongside the physicians of Baltimore and Washington NFL teams, and has published more than 20 journal articles and textbook chapters.”

  • Jesika Haria

    Jesika Haria SB ’14 (Enterprise Technology)

    Cofounder, LogicLoop

    “LogicLoop’s low-code software lets people create automated workflows for things such as detecting fraudulent transactions without needing much help from IT teams.”

  • David Heller

    David Heller ’18 (Manufacturing & Industry)

    Cofounder, C16 Biosciences

    “Rainforests from Costa Rica to Indonesia are being destroyed for palm oil plantations, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. C16 Biosciences is using biology to brew a sustainable and conflict-free alternative to palm oil from microbes.”

  • Hilary Johnson

    Hilary Johnson SM ’18 (Manufacturing & Industry)

    Postdoctoral Candidate, MIT

    “Hilary Johnson is a mechanical engineering PhD candidate at MIT who invented an adaptive centrifugal pump to improve energy efficiency and reliability in key infrastructural applications such as clean and wastewater transport.”

  • Luana Lopez Lara ’18 and Tarek Mansour ’18, MEng ’19 (Finance)

    Luana Lopez Lara ’18 and Tarek Mansour ’18, MEng ’19 (Finance)

    Cofounders, Kalshi

    “Kalshi lets investors place bets on future events, like how many Americans will receive a Covid vaccine. The hardest part: They needed a federal license from the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, which took two years.”

  • Jordan Lucier ’17, MEng ’18, Nathaniel Rodman ’16, and Jacob Rothman ’16 (Sports)

    Jordan Lucier ’17, MEng ’18, Nathaniel Rodman ’16, and Jacob Rothman ’16 (Sports)

    Cofounders, Perch

    “Perch makes a camera system that attaches to any weight rack; while the athlete lifts, the system tracks information about their movements, such as reps, velocity and power output.”

  • Laureen Meroueh

    Laureen Meroueh SM ’18, PhD ’20 (Social Impact)

    Cofounder, Alchemr

    “Alchemr is developing the world’s first industrial-scale anion exchange water electrolyzer, which can be directly coupled to variable renewable power sources, without the use of expensive and precious metals. Meroueh recently left Alchemr and is a Breakthrough Energy Innovator Fellow.”

  • Jordan Mizerak

    Jordan Mizerak ’14 (Energy)

    Cofounder, Jetcool Technologies

    “Jetcool is perfecting a liquid-cooling system for high-performance computers that will save energy by replacing inefficient fans with novel cooling modules. Initial work has seen an eight percent reduction in energy costs and a 90 percent cut in water use.”

  • Jimmy Rojas

    Jimmy Rojas ’16 (Energy)

    Founder, EvolOH

    “After working with cleantech VCs, Rojas founded EvolOH in 2020 to commercialize low-cost electrolysis stacks that feature simple designs and durable electrodes made from cheap, nontoxic materials.”

  • Josh Santos

    Josh Santos ’14 (Social Impact)

    Cofounder and CEO, Noya

    “Noya is accelerating the transition to a carbon negative existence by reducing the capital costs and installation time required to perform direct air carbon capture. Santos, who previously worked for Tesla and Harley Davidson, leads a team of engineers building Noya’s tech.”

  • Max Shen

    Max Shen PhD ’21 (Science)

    Doctoral Researcher, MIT

    “Shen works at the intersection of machine learning and genome editing. His machine learning model published in Nature enables researchers to more precisely predict Crispr genome editing outcomes.”

  • Kirin Sinha

    Kirin Sinha ’14 (Games)

    Founder, Illumix

    “Kirin Sinha is building the first dedicated game engine for augmented reality. Illumix’s debut game has been downloaded more than 18 million times, generating millions in revenue.”

  • Shriya Srinivasan

    Shriya Srinivasan PhD ’20 (Healthcare)

    “Shriya Srinivasan is developing better ways for human limbs to interact with prostheses through brain-computer interfaces and tissue engineering. Her inventions enable patients to control their prosthesis and receive sensory feedback signals.”

  • Loza Tadesse

    Loza Tadesse (Healthcare)

    Incoming Assistant Professor, MIT

    “Tadesse is developing diagnostics for extreme environments, including a rapid system using machine learning and a light scattering approach that can identify infectious bacteria faster, which will lead to better treatments and less reliance on broad-spectrum antibiotics.”

  • Sam Trabucco

    Sam Trabucco ’15 (Finance)

    Co-CEO, Alameda Research

    “Alameda is a quantitative trading firm bringing expertise from Wall Street and Silicon Valley to provide liquidity in crypto markets. A former trader, founder Sam Bankman-Fried ’14 promoted Trabucco to co-CEO so he could focus on his FTX cryptocurrency exchange.”

  • Isabella Tromba

    Isabella Tromba ’14, MEng ’18 (Consumer Technology)

    Cofounder, Tangram

    “Tromba is bringing machine learning to the masses. A former AI expert at Slack, she and her cofounder David Yamnitsky '14 started Tangram to let programmers―professionals and moonlighters alike―give their code the powers of predictive machine learning. The basic service is free.”

  • Sam Udotong

    Sam Udotong ’16 (Enterprise Technology)

    CTO and Cofounder, Firefiles

    “Founded to make virtual meetings easy for participants, the cloud-based technology automatically transcribes and takes bullet notes from user calls and meetings, identifying key takeways from the transcription.”

  • Victoria Villar

    Victoria Villar ’14 (Science)

    Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University

    “Villar studies how cosmic explosions make up the building blocks of life and helped pioneer the use of machine learning techniques. She studies the merger of neutron stars and hunts for new physics by looking for unexpected events.”

  • Jiajun Wu

    Jiajun Wu SM ’16, PhD ’20 (Science)

    Assistant Professor, Stanford University

    “Wu aims to build machines that can understand the physical world as humans do. He co-led a team that built an artificial intelligence model that could understand concepts like color and shape and use those concepts to better understand relations between objects.”

  • Andrea (Yan Hau) Xu

    Andrea (Yan Hau) Xu MBA ’20 (Food & Drink)

    Cofounder and CEO, Umamicart

    “The New York–based startup delivers hundreds of Asian culinary products to customers’ doorsteps in less than 24 hours and aims to create a digital window for mom-and-pop, immigrant-led businesses.”

  • Jiani Zeng

    Jiani Zeng SM ’20 (Manufacturing & Industry)

    Cofounder, Butlr

    “Zeng and Butlr cofounder Honghao Deng (a Media Lab affiliate) created a wireless sensor that uses body heat to infer anonymous activity on how space is being used. The two launched the company as a spinout of MIT Media Lab in 2019.”

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