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MIT alumni: Please vote today in the 2019 MIT Alumni Association Selection Committee (AASC) election.

The 12-person AASC is a critical part of the governance of the MIT Alumni Association, and plays a powerful role in helping shape the MIT alumni experience and determining leadership for the alumni community.

The AASC members select the next president and all term directors for the Association’s Board of Directors, who guide programs and services for MIT’s alumni community. And it’s up to the MIT alumni community to decide which alumni will comprise the selection committee.

Voting is open to elect new members to the AASC. All MIT alumni—graduate and undergraduate—are strongly encouraged to vote.

The 2019 election features eight exceptional alumni candidates for three open seats on the AASC. The candidates represent eight different MIT club regions, nine Course majors, and a mix of graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Learn more about each nominee below, then select the alumni who you feel are best qualified and rank your choices on the preferential ballot. 


  • zimmerman.jpg

    Craig A. Zimmerman '96

    Boulder, CO, Course 16

    "Walking around MIT each year at ALC makes me realize that even though many areas of campus continue to evolve, the same spirit of MIT endures among the faculty and staff, students and alumni."
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  • raji_patel.jpg

    Raji R. Patel SM '77, P '04

    Cambridge, MA, Course 15

    "Since I graduated, I have engaged with alumni and with MIT students in numerous activities like encouraging high school students to study science and math and funding a prize at the MIT 100K competition."
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  • zhang.jpg

    Wendi Zhang '09

    Mountain View, CA, Course 15, Course 18

    "Meeting and working with other MIT alumni in more than 40 countries, across different courses, years, and degrees, has created countless enriching discussions, meaningful friendships, and delightful memories."
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  • harton.jpg

    Michelle Harton SM '83

    Oak Park, IL, Course 6

    "What an honor it is to be an AASC candidate. How exciting the possibility of helping find and cultivate dedicated and innovative alumni leaders as MIT leads the vanguard in STEM education and research."
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  • reshma_patel.jpg

    Reshma P. Patel '93

    New York, NY, Course 14, Course 17

    "I am grateful to be a part of the MIT community and honored to be nominated. I have remained connected to MIT since graduation by volunteering in many different capacities and visiting the Institute often."
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  • nelson.jpg

    Andrew Nelson MBA '01

    Fort Worth, TX, Course 15M

    "I have had the rare opportunity to be engaged in the Institute's alumni activities since my days as a graduate student, when I served as the student member of the Boston MIT Sloan Alumni chapter."
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  • brett.jpg

    Bridget C. Brett '06, SM '08

    San Francisco, CA, Course 2, Course 13

    "At MIT we were immersed in the spirit of innovation, iteration, and discovery, with the goal of continuous improvement. MIT and the MIT Alumni Association continue in this spirit today to make a better world..."
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  • davis.jpg

    Tony Davis SM '85

    London, UK, Course 15

    "MITAA is a key resource for the Institute and alumni. Selecting its leadership is a critical role: to ensure MITAA is effective and maximizes its value across stakeholders and for future generations."
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The AASC election ensures that the Institute’s diverse alumni population is well represented at the highest levels of Association leadership. Find more information about the election on the AASC web page or contact Voting ends Thursday, February 28, at 11:59 p.m. EST.