Alumni Association Selection Committee, Your Vote Has Influence


Who can vote?
All MIT alumni can vote in this election. The ballot is posted on a secure part of our site so that we can authenticate your status and protect the privacy of your vote. You therefore need to log in using your Infinite Connection (IC) account.

Why is it necessary to log in to the Infinite Connection to cast my vote online?
Since only MIT alumni may vote in this election, we need to authenticate your alumni status. To protect the privacy of your vote, the ballot is posted on a secure part of our site.

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What is the Alumni Association Selection Committee (AASC)?
The Alumni Association Selection Committee (AASC) consists of at least six (6) members elected by the alumni body, all of whom are members of the Association but none of whom are then directors, and a chair appointed by the Board of Directors from among past presidents of the Association. The term of the elected members and chair of the AASC is three years. Approximately one-third of members (including the chairperson) will rotate off the committee each year. Elected members of the AASC are not eligible to serve as a director of the Association for three (3) years from the end of their term on the AASC.

What is the role of the AASC?
The elected members of the Alumni Association Selection Committee meet annually to select alumni leaders to serve in important volunteer positions. Specifically, the committee selects the president of the Alumni Association and all other term directors of the Association's Board of Directors. The AASC appoints the term directors and president in its sole discretion.

What are the eligibility requirements and desirable attributes?
AASC ballot candidates should be familiar with the programs and activities of the Association and have a commitment to the Association's objectives of service to alumni and MIT. They should have at least five (5) years of experience as volunteers for the Alumni Association and/or MIT, demonstrated strong leadership skills and experience on the multiple fronts of Association activity, and they should be alumni who you believe will select the best leaders on your behalf.

How are AASC Members Elected?
AASC members are elected at-large in an annual ballot by the entire alumni body. The election is conducted using the preferential voting method, generally with a ratio of three candidates to each open seat. An electronic ballot will be made available to the alumni community in early February and remain open through the end of February. A paper ballot will also be available upon request. The newly elected members of the AASC will begin their terms of office on July 1, 2019. 

How did the candidates on this ballot get nominated?
Alumni to stand for election are nominated by the Nominating Committee, alumni leaders in clubs, classes, affinity groups, members of the Board of Directors, and other committees.

What is preferential voting?
This ballot requires preferential voting, using plurality with elimination method. Preferential voting is a system of voting whereby the voter indicates their order of preference for each of the candidates listed on the ballot so that if no candidate receives a majority of first preferences the first and second preferences and if necessary third and other preferences may be counted together until one candidate obtains a majority. There are online videos which explain the plurality with elimination method. The plurality with elimination voting method is a preferential voting method and candidates who have the least first place votes get eliminated in rounds until one candidate has majority of first place votes.  This process occurs after voting is closed.

I don't know any of the candidates – should I still vote?
Yes! AASC members are elected at large by the entire alumni body. Review the candidates' record of MIT involvement and statement and decide who you think best demonstrates strong leadership skills, familiarity with the programs and activities of the Association, and a commitment to the Association's objectives of service to alumni and to the Institute.

A friend, member of my class, club, or group is a candidate on the ballot, can I send out messages to my alumni networks encouraging others to vote for him/her? 
In the spirit of fairness and in keeping with other election practices in place, the Alumni Association asks that there be no electioneering, campaigning, or soliciting of votes on behalf of any one candidate running on this ballot. We do welcome individuals and alumni groups to share information about the election in general.

2018-2019 Alumni Association Selection Committee


Kenneth Wang '71, Chair

Term Member:

Michelle M. Aquing '08

Term Member:

Jeffrey A. Arenberg '86, SM '87

Term Member:

Gregory K. Arenson '70

Term Member:

Timothy J. Aune '85

Term Member:

Charlene Chuang '05

Term Member:

Alan Cisar '73

Term Member:

David H. Johnston '73, PhD '79

Term Member:

Lita L. Nelsen '64, SM '66, SM '79

Term Member:

Laurence O. Ward '93

Term Member:

Elaine H. Wong '97

Term Member:

Jennifer Yang '97