Alumni Association Selection Committee, Your Vote Has Influence

Candidate Profiles

Bridget C. Brett '06, SM '08 Tony Davis SM '85 Michelle Harton SM '83
Andrew Nelson MBA '01 Raji R. Patel SM '77, P '04 Reshma P. Patel '93
Wendi Zhang '09 Craig A. Zimmerman '96  

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Bridget C. Brett '06, SM '08 Bridget C. Brett '06, SM '08
San Francisco, California
Head of Operations
LiveRamp TV

At MIT we were immersed in the spirit of innovation, iteration, and discovery, with the goal of continuous improvement. MIT and the MIT Alumni Association continue in this spirit today to make a better world and inspire us each to solve the most significant challenges of our time.

It is with great pride that I have supported this quest by serving MIT as an alumni leader every year since 2006, including as a director on the MIT Alumni Association Board for the past three years. Last year, I joined the Board in shaping the new Alumni Association Strategic Plan for 2018–2023, and this year I am driving the implementation of the strategy through my role on the Board Governance Committee.

The Alumni Association Selection Committee has the important charter of selecting the most talented alumni leaders to serve in influential roles that will successfully carry out the mission to "engage and inspire the global MIT community to make a better world." My sustained, deep involvement with MIT as an alumni leader brings me the crucial perspective and connected network to help identify, recruit, and select the best talent for Alumni Association leadership roles to benefit our diverse, optimistic, and global MIT alumni community of 137,000 strong.

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
SB, 2006, Ocean Engineering, MIT
SM, 2008, Ocean Engineering, MIT

Awards and Honors
Great Dome Award, MIT Club of Northern California Tech Conference 2018
Great Dome Award, MIT Club of South Texas Science Olympiad Invitational 2016
Margaret L. A. MacVicar '65, ScD '67 Award, 2016
Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2018, 2017, 2016, 2011, 2007, 2006
Alumni Leadership Conference, speaker 2018, 2016
Better World Roadshow (San Francisco), host 2016
General Tech Reunions, attendee 2017, 2007
Alumni Association Board of Directors, term director 2016–present
Board Governance Ad Hoc Committee, member 2018–present
Nominating Committee, member 2016–2018
Small/Medium Club Council, member 2016–2017
Mega Club Council, member 2015–2017
Institute Career Advisor Network, member 2008–present
Annual Fund
1861 Circle, member
William Barton Rogers Society (WBRS), member
Giving Day Ambassadors, member 2018
MIT10 Class Gift Committee, member 2007–2015
Class of 2006
President, 2011–2016
Vice president, 2006–2011
Reunion Committee, member 2015–2016, co–chair 2010–2011
Reunion Gift Committee, member 2015–2016, 2010–2011
Mole Reunion Committee, member 2012
Pi Reunion Committee, member 2009
5th–10th Reunion, attendee
Clubs and Affinity Groups
MIT Club of Northern California, member 2015–present, director 2016–present, past president 2018–present, president 2016–2018, vice president of social events 2015–2017
MIT Club of South Texas, member 2009–2015, past president 2015–2016, president 2014–2015, president–elect 2013–2014, director 2011–2013
Association of MIT Alumnae (AMITA), member 2006–present
MIT Club of Boston, member 2003–2008
Alumni Engagement Career Guidance, advisor 2017–present
Encompass Administration, club administrator 2015–2017
Encompass Administration, class administrator 2012–2014
Student Alumni Externship Program, sponsor 2007

Tony Davis SM '85 Tony Davis SM '85
London, United Kingdom
Managing Director
Maddox Consulting

I am honored to be an AASC candidate. MITAA is a key resource for the Institute and alumni. Selecting its leadership is a critical role: to ensure MITAA is effective and maximizes its value across stakeholders and for future generations.

I have been on the board of the MIT Club of Great Britain for eight years, the club president since 2013, and have chaired the Sloan Club throughout. We organize over 20 events per year across a wide range of themes for our alumni from a diverse range of backgrounds, interests, and nationalities. I am also an active EC. I am involved in substantial outreach to other universities and organizations in the UK, European clubs, and back to MIT/Sloan.

We are privileged in London to be a first "port of call" outside the United States for MIT leadership and significant alumni. These include President Reif, several deans, numerous distinguished professors, a past president of MITAA, and a past chairman of the Board of Trustees. As a result of these interactions (and others), I stay up-to-date with the strategy, programs, and enduring values of MIT. As a professional management consultant for 30+ years, I am seasoned in senior executive assessment, selection, and recruitment.

I bring a truly international and diverse perspective to the AASC task, having lived in the US, UK, and Germany and worked in 40+ countries; initiated MITAA programs related to women, MIT10, and Sloan; and mentored MIT clubs across Europe. Given MIT's global prominence, International is a key element of MITAA's enduring success.

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
SM, 1985, Sloan School of Management, MIT
AB, 1981, University of Sussex

Awards and Honors
Margaret L. A. MacVicar '65, ScD '67 Award, 2018
Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2018
Better World Roadshow (London), host 2017
Club Council, member 2018–2019
Sloan Reunions, attendee 2015, 25th reunion attendee, 10th reunion attendee
MIT European Volunteer Leadership Workshop (Paris), participant 2015
Community Gathering with President Reif (London), co–organized/participant 2014
Clubs and Affinity Groups
MIT Club of Great Britain, president 2013–present, member 2001–present
Sloan Club Committee co–chair, 2011–present
MIT Sloan Club of the United Kingdom, area representative 2016–present
Educational Council representative, 2014–present
Business and Finance Speakers series (UK), founder/chair, 2014–present
Educational Council
Member, 2011–present
MIT Sloan Club Leaders, 2018-present
MIT Alumni Association, Strategic Change Implementation Committee (Branding and Communications "Sprint"), 2019-present

Michelle Harton SM '83 Michelle Harton SM '83
Oak Park, Illinois
Math Teacher and Math Department Chair
Chicago Public Schools

What an honor it is to be an AASC candidate. How exciting the possibility of helping find and cultivate dedicated and innovative alumni leaders as MIT leads the vanguard in STEM education and research.

During 23 years in research at Motorola, Inc., I sought opportunities to advance STEM education in my field and to increase diversity in the STEM pipeline. As the educational outreach coordinator for the Black Alumni of MIT (BAMIT) Chicago, I worked with Admissions, the Educational Council Office, and the MITES program to determine effective means to recruit minority students. Now, as a high school math teacher and department chair, I passionately continue to impact student lives and educational practice and policy.

Joining the BAMIT National Board, I formed our Advocacy Committee, which generated recommendations for improving student life, which resulted in working closely with senior MIT administrators, including the ICEO and president's offices. Elected the BAMIT national chairperson, with a broader vision for BAMIT, I have helped increase alumni engagement, foster stronger connections with students, and strengthen our relationships with the MITAA, MIT senior leadership, and other MIT offices. Our latest effort, the 2018 BAMIT Capstone Event—celebrating the BSU 50th anniversary—resulted in the largest Black MIT alumni attendance at the Institute and the launching of a fund to support MIT student projects that aid underserved communities.

Effective leadership recognizes opportunities for impactful service. Leveraging my experiences and expertise, in leading and being led, I seek your vote to assist in alumni leader selection that ensures MITAA preeminence.

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
SB, 1979, Electrical Engineering, Tennessee State University
SM, 1983, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
MSEd, 2012, Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

Awards and Honors
Harold E. Lobdell '17 Distinguished Service Award, 2017
MLK Leadership Award 2007
Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2007, presenter 2017
Alumni Leadership Conference, speaker 2017
Educational Council
Educational counselor 2004–2019
Clubs and Affinity Groups
Black Alumni/ae of MIT (BAMIT), national board chair 2015–2018, Capstone event committee member 2018, new admissions interviewer 2015, corresponding secretary 2014–2015
BAMIT Black Graduate Celebration, chair 2018, 2016, 2015
BAMIT Annual Meeting, convener 2016–2018, participant 2015
BAMIT Chicago (ChiBAMIT), educational outreach coordinator 2002–2008
MIT Club of Chicago, member 2007–2008
Fraternities and Sororities
Lambda Upsilon Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., graduate advisor 1984–1988

Andrew Nelson MBA '01 Andrew Nelson MBA '01
Fort Worth, Texas
Founder and President
Nelson Aerospace Consulting Associates/Nelson CFO

I have had the rare opportunity to be engaged in the Institute's alumni activities since my days as a graduate student, when I served as the student member of the Boston MIT Sloan Alumni chapter. Prior to MIT, I also had the good fortune to serve as an alumni chapter president and a member of the national alumni board of directors for my undergraduate alma mater.

Being engaged in alumni and other volunteer activities my whole adult life, with the last 18 years focused primarily on MIT alumni activities in Boston, California, and Texas, I can easily say it has been one of my most rewarding personal experiences, and one I hope to continue via the MIT Alumni Association Selection Committee (AASC).

I am honored to be an AASC nominee; I hope to make a lasting impact on the future leadership of the Association. A critical responsibility of any leader is the selection of new leaders, a role I embraced after founding and leading the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, the outcome being that my wonderful successors accepted the 2018 Great Dome Award for the event.

I believe the next set of Alumni Association leaders should be diverse and reflect our membership. Last year's AASC nominee Tim Aune asked "Should the board reflect geographic, year of degree, course, gender, orientation, and ethnic diversity?" I echo his conclusion: ABSOLUTELY! I will seek out nominees that inspire, lead, and recruit volunteers at all levels so as to support the global leadership mission of the Institute. I hope to help in this important mission as a member of the AASC. Thank you!

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
MBA, 2001, Sloan School of Management, MIT
SB, 1985, Electrical Engineering, Ohio University

Awards and Honors
Great Dome Award 2018, MIT Sloan CFO Summit
Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2018
5th Reunion MIT Sloan 2001, attendee
Annual Fund
1861 Circle, member
Fund Telethon, solicitor 2000–2002
Clubs and Affinity Groups
MIT Club of Dallas and Fort Worth, member 2014–present, vice president programs 2018–2019
MIT Sloan Club of Boston, member 2001–2008, board member 2002–2008, student member of the board 2000–2001
Alumni Enterprise Forum, member 2009–present
MIT Sloan CFO Summit founder and chairman, co–leader 2003–2008
MIT Sloan CIO Symposium co–founder, 2004–2008
MIT Sloan 2nd Annual Women's Event Committee, member 2004
Student Alumni Externship Program, 2003
MIT Sloan BioTech Dinner, organizer 2002–2003
MIT Sloan 4th Annual Software Conference, organizing committee member 2002–2003
MIT Sloan Telecoms Conference, organizing committee member 2002–2003
MIT Sloan eLearning event, organizing committee member 2002
MIT Sloan Class of 2001 Class Gift Committee, chair 2000–2001
MIT Sloan Venture Capital and Principal Investing Club Conference, committee member 1999–2001

Raji R. Patel SM '77, P '04 Raji R. Patel SM '77, P '04
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Co–Director, NASA Space Grant Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Since I graduated, I have engaged with fellow alumni and with MIT students in numerous activities ranging from encouraging high school students to study science and math, to funding a prize at the MIT 100K competition. I have mentored students at the Undergraduate Opportunities Program and IDEAS competition. I have also served in leadership positions at MIT Alumni clubs.

All the while, I have enjoyed working with other alumni—like–minded people who believe that we can enable the next generation of MIT students to innovate and solve humanity's problems by making wise uses of science and technology.

Currently, I serve as co–director of NASA's Space Grant Program in Massachusetts, part of a congressional mandate to increase research and education in aerospace.

An alumna, I am also the mother of an alumna, and I look forward to a vibrant and diverse alumni community to serve MIT and share our joint experiences.

It is with an understanding of the strategic issues for our evolving alumni community and with the experience of long–term service to the Institute that I hope to help select the next leaders for the MIT Alumni Association.

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
BS, 1971, M.S. University, India
LLB, 1975, M.S. University, India
SM, 1977, Sloan School of Management, MIT

Awards and Honors
Great Dome Award, MIT Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program Alumni Veteran Mentors 2015
Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2018, 2015, 2003, 2002
K–12 STEM Education Volunteer Network, member 2015–present
Committee for Tech Day, member 1982
Annual Fund
Fund Telethon, solicitor 1982–1983
Class of 1977
Sloan Reunions, attendee 2017
Clubs and Affinity Groups
MIT South Asian Alumni Association (MITSAA), Board Member 2018–present
MITSAA Member 2018–present
MIT Club of Boston, member 2016–present
MIT Club of Boston Assistant Vice President of K–12 enrichment opportunities 2015–2017
MIT Club of Boston Arts and Entertainment Chair 2005–2006
Association of MIT Alumnae (AMITA), Life Member
AMITA Student Awards Committee Chair 2004–2006
AMITA Nominating Committee Member 2002–2004
AMITA Nominating Committee Chair 1998–1999
AMITA Treasurer 1983–1985
AMITA Programs Committee 1982–1985
AMITA Program Committee Chair 1981–1983
AMITA Conference Committee Member 1980–1984
AMITA Secretary 1980–1982
MIT Enterprise Forum, Board Member 1983-1984
Graduate Alumni Reunions, attendee 2017, 2011
Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, mentor 2005–2006
Parent connector, 2003–2005
Alumni Engagement Senior Dinners, host 1982

Reshma P. Patel '93  Reshma P. Patel '93
New York, New York
Managing Director

I am grateful to be a part of the MIT community and honored to be nominated to the Alumni Association Selection Committee. I have remained connected to MIT since graduation by volunteering in many different capacities and visiting the Institute often. This has given me the opportunity to stay abreast of developments at the Institute, engage with current students, and meet a diverse group of alumni. Outside of MIT, I have many years of experience serving in leadership positions at organizations that, like MIT, are trying to create a better world. The skills that I have gained from this, along with my MIT volunteer experience, will be useful to the Alumni Association Selection Committee as it searches for the best candidates for the Alumni Association Board.

I am proud to be affiliated with an institution that is a leader in trying to tackle the world's greatest challenges. I hope you give me the opportunity to serve it further and help build Alumni Association leadership that best reflects our community and best serves MIT's mission.

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
SB, 1993, Economics, MIT
SB, 1993, Political Science, MIT

Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2006, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999
K–12 STEM Education Volunteer Network, member 2015–present
Legislative Advocacy Network, member 2015–present
Class of 1993
Reunion Committee, ambassador 2017–2018
President, 1993–1998
5th–25th reunions, attendee
Clubs and Affinity Groups
MIT Club of New York, member 1993–present
MIT South Asian Alumni Association, life member, board member 2018–present
Educational Council
Member, 1995–present

Wendi Zhang '09 Wendi Zhang '09
Mountain View, California
Business Development Sr. Manager
Google, Inc.

I feel very fortunate and humbled to be a part of the MIT alumni community. Meeting and working with other MIT alumni in more than 40 countries, across different courses, years, and degrees, has created countless enriching discussions, meaningful friendships, and delightful memories. It is a community like no other that I have encountered, where there is an insatiable thirst for learning, reinventing oneself, cross–disciplinary explorations, and creating a better world.

I am celebrating my 10th reunion in 2019, and it feels like I have never left MIT. My best friends are MIT classmates whom I talk to on a regular basis. I have served as a mentor for Course 2 product design classes, and I taught an international development class while in graduate school. I continue to mentor MIT students and alums through both formal programs and informal outreach. I volunteer for both local and global MIT clubs and initiatives. I continue to take MIT classes via edX (and took them in person while in graduate school) and read publications written by MIT scholars. And I get so excited talking about my MIT experience with high school students whom I have interviewed over the years.

I am running for the AASC to 1) continue serving the community that has given so much to me and the world, and 2) select exceptional alumni to take the MIT Alumni Association to new heights. Thank you for your time and for all your contributions to this special community.

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
SB, 2009, Sloan School of Management, MIT
SB, 2009, Mathematics, MIT
MPP, 2013, Harvard University
MBA, 2013, Harvard University

Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2010, 2006
Better World Roadshow (San Francisco), host 2016
General Tech Reunions, attendee 2017
K–12 STEM Education Volunteer Network, member 2016–present
Legislative Advocacy Network, member 2011–present
MIT Sloan Class of 2009, 1st reunion attendee
Annual Fund
1861 Circle, member
William Barton Rogers Society (WBRS), member
Class of 2009
Reunion Committee, member 2018
Member at large 2009–2014
5th Reunion, attendee
Clubs and Affinity Groups
MIT Club of Northern California, member 2013–present, co–chair 2018–present, AI Conference (Industries of the Future) emcee and volunteer 2018, tech track volunteer 2017–2018
MIT Club of Boston, member 2008–2011, 2006–2007
MIT Club of Southern California, member 2006–2008
MIT Club of New York, member 2006–2007
Association of MIT Alumnae (AMITA), member 2009–present
Educational Council
Member, 2009–present
Alumni Engagement Career Guidance, advisor 2017–present
Institute Career Advising Network, member 2009–present
MIT China Development Initiative, founder and advisor 2007–present
MIT Chinese Alumni Constituency, member 2008–present
Student Alumni Externship Program, sponsor 2010
MIT iHouse Coordinator, 2010–2011
MIT Research Slam, emcee 2018
MIT 2.00 class mentor, 2012
MIT 2.00B class mentor, 2011

Craig A. Zimmerman '96 Craig A. Zimmerman '96
Boulder, Colorado
Founding Team, R&D Lead
Radia, Inc.

Walking around MIT each year at the Alumni Leadership Conference makes me realize that even though many areas of campus continue to evolve, the same spirit of MIT endures among the faculty and staff, students, and, of course, the alumni. Connecting with other alumni provides a motivating energy that makes the work required a joy to perform.

I am proud of serving as president of the MIT Club of Chicago, the oldest MIT alumni club. As prestigious as that sounds, it was not an easy task. We faced challenges to increase local alumni participation even with our dispersed alumni population. I, along with our team of club volunteers, worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to develop refreshing and intellectually engaging events as diverse as an IAP catalog.

After moving to Boulder, Colorado, in 2017 to be part of a fantastic startup, I attended my first Club of Colorado event. At the event, the club president, whom I had just met, announced to the club that I would soon be taking over as president, as he was impressed with the Club of Chicago's success. The fact that this news had traveled to Colorado told me that I had helped build a vibrant model for other clubs.

Being nominated to the AASC is a great honor as well. If elected, I would treat the position with the same effort and character I bring to all endeavors. I would strive to select AA Board members with diversity in academics, ethnicity, and social backgrounds, who truly have that special ingredient that makes MIT the greatest education and research institution.

Degree Info & MIT Volunteer Activities
SB, 1986, Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT
MS, 2007, Northwestern University

Alumni Association
Alumni Leadership Conference, attendee 2013–2017
Large Club Council, member 2015–2017
Annual Fund
Fund 1996, class stewardship agent 2014–present
Clubs and Affinity Groups
MIT Club of Colorado, member 2017–present
MIT Club of Chicago, member 2007–2017, president 2013–2017, vice president of technology 2012–2014
Student Alumni Externship Program, sponsor 2018, 2015
MIT IDEAS Global Challenge, participant 2015
Encompass Administration, club administrator 2012–2014