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Our Most Popular Alumni Stories of 2021

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What have MIT alumni done this year? The achievements are infinite.

We’ve had the privilege to share stories about a small fraction of those inspiring endeavors—here is a look back at the 10 most-read alumni stories from Slice of MIT, which include environment-saving technologies, productivity-inspiring tools, and food-insecurity-tackling efforts.  

  • Cooking with Lynja

    Cooking with Lynja Turns Retired MIT Engineer into Internet Celebrity

    Never much of a chef, Lynn Yamada Davis ’77 didn’t expect the quirky cooking videos she and her son started making during the pandemic would garner millions views.

  • Paul Eremenko

    “We Can’t Wait”: Aerospace Entrepreneur Gives Hydrogen-Powered Air Travel a Jump Start

    Paul Eremenko ’01cofounder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen Co., developed hydrogen storage solutions and projects fuel cell conversion kits by 2025.

  • Janelle wellons

    Creating Space for Good, at NASA and Beyond

    When Janelle Wellons ’16 isn’t working on space probes at NASA, she volunteers her time sharing her story with audiences who might not see themselves in the aerospace field.

  • Chris Nikoi

    Shipping Background Delivers the Chance to Feed Millions

    “If you want to see climate change in action, come to the Sahel,” says Chris Nikoi SM ’91, regional director of the UN World Food Programme in western Africa.

  • Lili Bui

    With Data from Wind and Waves, Guarding Against Disaster

    Lili Bui SM ’16, PhD ’20 monitors the wind, tide, and weather to track the best swell as a surfer and at the Pacific Disaster Center as a disaster management specialist.

  • Adam Leeb

    Less Is More, Says Engineer Designing Modern-Day Typewriters

    A technology to help promote focus? That’s the aim of Adam Leeb ’07 and his distraction-free writing devices.

  • Linda Getch Dawson

    Former Space Shuttle Engineer Explores the Politics of Space

    Linda (Getch) Dawson ’71 took a path from MIT to NASA into a second career as a teacher and a writer, earning her the nickname “Rocket Woman” along the way.

  • Seth Goldstein

    Retired Mechanical Engineer Puts Hundreds of Parts to Use in Kinetic Sculptures

    After 31 years engineering medical solutions for the NIH, Seth Goldstein ’61, SM ’62, SM ’63, ScD ’66 launched a second career as a sculptor.

  • Tom Goreau scuba diving

    Protecting the World’s Vanishing Coral Reefs

    Tom Goreau ’70, who has borne witness for the last seven decades to the global decline of coral reefs, says his 700 artificial reefs might help save the last bit of what is left.

  • Ken Granderson

    Building an Online Home for Black History

    “We want to empower the Black community to take control of its own narrative," says founder Ken Granderson ’85.

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