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Learn more about the MIT Student/Alumni Externship Program then submit your short-term work opportunity. This year's deadline is September 1.

The MIT Student/Alumni Externship Program connects students with alumni for short-term work opportunities during MIT's Independent Activities Period (IAP), January 7–February 1, 2019. Since its inception in 1997, more than 5,000 students have participated in the program in diverse areas including engineering, proprietary trading, and health care.

“Part of the reason we love the Externship Program is because it brings people that are the highest-caliber engineers that we can find,” says Carson Darling’11, who has sponsored externs at his company, Rest Devices. “It can be a really great program in terms of getting people that are committed to a team and really productive members. I can't recommend the Externship Program enough.”

In recent years, Slice of MIT has documented the real-world impact that externs can have on organizations and the ways that students make progress in their career development. Watch the videos above then submit your short-term work opportunity during IAP by September 1.

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