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Whether addressing the market needs of farmers or simply fixing a smoky oven, MIT D-Lab takes on the problems of poverty and provides solutions, D-Lab leaders told attendees at the MIT Alumni Forum in December.

Founded 20 years ago to develop collaborative solutions to global poverty challenges, D-Lab now has about 4,000 alumni—all students who have had the chance to learn practical approaches to design innovation and implementation. Each year, more than 250 students enroll in D-Lab programs (roughly a dozen classes are offered) and work with partners to tackle projects all over the world.

To illustrate D-Lab’s impact, founding director Amy Smith ’84, ENG ’95, SM ’95 told forum attendees the story of two students who came together at D-Lab. The pair learned about the challenges facing farmers in Ghana and worked with them to develop a solution: processing oil from the seeds of the Moringa tree. Over time, the pair built a successful skin care and wellness company—True Moringa—and quadrupled the income of Moringa farmers.

“They have this hyper local impact, but also they are expanding throughout Ghana and have a national impact there as well, providing access to a global market to local farmers,” Smith said of the two former students. “That shows the type of work that our dedicated students do.”

Watch the video to learn:

  • What UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said to Smith
  • What D-Lab fieldwork looks like
  • How D-Lab is tackling indoor air pollution
  • Why the way design is practiced matters

Smith was joined in the forum by Maria Yang ’91, D-Lab’s faculty director for academics, and Daniel Sweeney, a D-Lab research scientist. Ana Pantelic, D-Lab’s executive director, served as moderator.

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