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#ThisisMIT video contest gave students a chance to indulge their creativity and submit short videos showcasing the magic of MIT.

While MIT students are known to be academically exceptional, what is less known is how well-rounded, creative, and artistic they are.

To showcase what students do outside of the classroom, MIT Communications Initiatives and the Division of Student Life created a campaign to encourage students to produce videos for social sharing. The goal was to give audiences around the world a greater sense of the magic and culture of MIT.

In the five winning entries in the #ThisisMIT video contest, students show what defines their MIT experience outside of the lab and classroom


Following brainstorming sessions with a group of students and discussions of what might encourage students to participate, the #ThisisMIT video contest was created. The contest ran from the second week of September until Thanksgiving.

Students submitted short videos focusing on what defines their MIT experience outside of the lab and classroom, with topics ranging from athletics to art. Their lens provides a glimpse into what makes MIT such a special place to so many. The top three video winners received $100 in TechCASH, while two runners-up received $50 in TechCASH.

Winning Videos:

  • #ThisIsMIT” by sophomore Daniel “Gonzo” Gonzalez Cunningham
  • “Dance at MIT” by junior Claire Nobuhara
  • “Are you Artistic?” by sophomore Max Kessler
  •  “Making a Batman Bass Guitar,” by graduate student Jin Wu
  • “MIT Women's Rugby,” by senior Alexa Jaeger

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