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The MIT Alumni Association asked some of its alumni to finish the phrase “When I wasn’t in class at MIT, you could find me…” From spending time with friends to doing field work, the answers reflect the diversity of MIT students.

The responses, recorded at on-campus events during Tech Reunions weekend, include revered spots on campus like the Muddy (aka Muddy Charles Pub), the MIT Lab for Chocolate Science, and the MIT Glass Lab. Many alumni also named spots near campus, like sailing on the Charles or spending time in downtown Boston.  

“You could find me at McCormick Hall visiting my future wife,” shared Victor Tung Tom ’72, SM ’73, SCD ’81 as he pointed to his wife, Sze-Wen Kuo ’73, at his side. And Neil Aggarwal ’18 could be found “singing somewhere on campus—I was in the Logarhythms,” he notes. 

Hear more responses in this recent MITAA video.