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“MIT is a place of people like me who care about all these odd little things in the world that many people would just as soon you kept moving past,” says Larry Kolb PhD ’79. He is one of the many graduates of the Institute who have explored the globe with the MT Alumni Travel Program, learning from MIT faculty and local experts in the company of fellow alumni and friends.

Watch the video above to hear directly from alumni who choose to travel the world with MIT: from James White PhD ’65, who has 14 trips under his belt, to Sally Yu ’00, who reflects—as she stands on a sandy beach in the Galapagos—“I don’t know why it took us so long to sign up!”

Then, learn more about upcoming offerings on the MIT Alumni Travel Program homepage—more than 35 destinations are offered each year—and hold your spot for your next adventure in 2020.

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    On the Ground in China to Provide Clean Water

    Ken Shulman

    MIT Technology Review
    During her first semester at MIT, in a class offered by D-Lab, which focuses on international development, Charlene Ren, SM ’16, SM ’17, wrote the business proposal for and is now running MyH2O: a grassroots volunteer network aimed at improving drinking water in rural Chinese villages.