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Hope in the Face of Climate Change Catastrophe

  • Meredith Somers

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Science “is not the bottleneck” to climate change action, said MIT Sloan professor John Sterman on MIT Sloan’s “Data Made to Matter” podcast. He and his colleagues at the nonprofit Climate Interactive have built a simulator for the public and policymakers to see the impact on the Earth, before it’s too late.

Why investing in system dynamics is important to your work
“People make basic errors in reasoning. They make basic errors in understanding even simple systems like how do you fill up a bathtub. And so then when we’re presented with complex systems like a company in its market or a community we tend to fall back on these very simple mental models and that leads to strategies that fail, it leads to what we call policy resistance. And so what system dynamics is designed to do is to help executives, decision-makers, everybody come to a deeper understanding of the system in which they’re embedded so that they can make wiser decisions.”

Data that matters 
“The actual number [by which the 2015 Global Climate Agreement would reduce global warming] coming from not only our work here at MIT but also the work of the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change is about one degree C [Celsius]...Read the full article on MIT Sloan

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