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The Infinite Corridor went bananas this morning.

Students engineered a zoo-themed hack, providing the species and genus for all the rare and unique animals you can find at MIT, as well as helpful life-size models for any amateur tracker hoping to catch a glimpse. A variety of student groups, courses, and living groups were represented, including the East Campus monkey which somehow "manages to permeate all parts of the zoo."

The hack also included the Course XII Dinosaur, who “can often be caught napping on the roof of the Green Building,” the MIT Seal who frequents the Z-center pools, a Spherical Cow much loved by physics experimentalists, and the Course XIX Unicorn whose exact location remains a mystery.

There was even a space for Homo sapiens in Lobby 7, complete with a photo booth for passers-by to tap into their wild side and a blank poster to express their creativity.

Images by Katherine Igoe

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