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Forbes 30 Under 30 List Spotlights 35 from MIT

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Thirty-five MIT trailblazers were honored this year when Forbes unveiled its annual list of 30 Under 30—go-getters younger than 30 years old in 20 different industries who are shaping the world for the better.

Forbes’ Class of 2024 highlights a broad swath of innovators and reveals that members of the MIT community—including 28 alumni—are paving the path to the future in fields as diverse as quantum computing, green shipping, space governance, smart textiles, and infectious disease research.

To develop this list, which centers on people in North America, Forbes evaluated more than 11,000 candidates on factors including funding, revenue, social impact, inventiveness, and potential. “This is one of the most diverse and ambitious Under 30 classes to date, and particularly in terms of the scope of their work and impact of their leadership,” said Kristin Stoller, senior editor for the Forbes 30 Under 30. “The large majority are founders or cofounders of a company, but creators and performers are also making their mark.”

Visit the Forbes 30 Under 30 website for the full list and to learn more about those from MIT who are recognized. Also, check out how MIT did last year.

Forbes 2024 30 Under 30: MIT Community Members

  • Voltic founders headshots

    Fiyi Adebekun ’22, Jared Boisvert ’23, Prosser Cathey ’22, Benji Grossman ’23, and Hudson Hooper ’23 (Energy)

    Cofounders, Voltic

    The team at Voltic has set out to make shipping greener by fully powering the industry via solar energy. Solar-powered cargo ships may eliminate 2.2 percent of global CO2 production while also cutting costs.

  • Jose Amich headshot

    Jose Amich, Graduate Student (Healthcare)

    Cofounder and CEO, Zeta Surgical

    Zeta Surgical has developed a computer vision-based robotics system to assist surgical procedures. 

  • Moseley Andrews and Rory Beyer headshots

    Moseley Andrews ’17 and Rory Beyer ’17 (Healthcare)

    Cofounders, Avive Solutions

    Beyer and Andrews miniaturized the electronics design of an automated external defibrillator (AED). Avive Solutions’ AED first shipped in June 2023. Listen to a related podcast.

  • Shiv Bhakta headshot

    Shiv Bhakta, Graduate Student (Energy)

    Cofounder, Active Surfaces

    Active Surfaces develops solar panels that are 100 times lighter than traditional panels.

  • Headshots of Encora founders

    Daniel Carballo ’17, SM ’20, Allison Davanzo ’18, and Kyle Pina ’18 (Healthcare)

    Cofounders, Encora Therapeutics

    Encora Therapeutics is developing a smart wearable device that delivers customized vibrations to provide relief from tremors caused by Parkinson’s.

  • Headshots of Cavill, Sison, and Radovitzky

    Loewen Cavill ’20, Emilio Sison ’20, and Felipe Radovitzky ’20 (Consumer Technology)

    Cofounders, Amira

    Amira’s patent-pending technology uses biometric data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and mitigate hot flashes during menopause.

  • Cari Cesarotti headshot

    Cari Cesarotti (Science)

    Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT

    Cesarotti is planning for the next generation of physics experiments as the lead theorist behind a completely new discovery machine: a multi-TeV muon collider.

  • Thomas González Roberts headshot

    Thomas González Roberts SM ’21 (Science)

    PhD Candidate, MIT

    González Roberts is an astrodynamicist who studies satellite behavior. His research aims to evaluate how well space actors follow the rules that govern space.

  • Steven Jepeal and Samuel McAlpine headshots

    Steven Jepeal PhD ’21 and Samuel McAlpine PhD ’22 (Manufacturing & Industry)

    Cofounders, Allium Engineering

    Allium develops coatings for structural engineering and construction projects that enable buildings and bridges to last centuries instead of decades. 

  • Jianna Liu headshot

    Jianna Liu ’23 (Social Impact)

    Cofounder, Leafpress

    Leafpress helps large real estate owners and tenants collect and report carbon emissions using AI

  • Sophia Liu headshot

    Sophia Liu ’17 (Science)

    Core Faculty, Ragon Institute

    Liu researches the immune system, including how immune cell interactions impact their structure and how immune systems change as we age. 

  • Yiyue Luo headshot

    Yiyue Luo SM ’20 (Science)

    PhD Candidate, MIT

    Luo creates smart textiles by adding sensing and other technology into knitted fabrics. One example is a pair of socks that could detect a fall or a condition like Parkinson’s nonintrusively.

  • Bharath Kannan headshot

    Bharath Kannan SM ’18, PhD ’22 (Science)

    Cofounder, Atlantic Quantum

    Atlantic Quantum aims to overcome one of quantum computing’s biggest bottlenecks: high error rates. Read more.

  • Niko McCarty headshot

    Niko McCarty (Education)

    Learning Specialist, MIT

    McCarty is building a genetic engineering program for undergraduate students at MIT. The curriculum and teaching plans will train thousands to engineer the genomes of organisms.

  • Katherine Mizrahi Rodriguez headshot

    Katherine Mizrahi Rodriguez ’17, PhD ’22 (Manufacturing & Industry)

    Cofounder, Osmoses

    Osmoses uses a high-precision membrane to purify gas mixtures containing hydrogen and other high-value molecules at low cost and with reduced environmental impact.

  • Maxwell Nye headshot

    Maxwell Nye PhD ’22 (Enterprise Technology)

    Cofounder, Adept

    Adept is building AI digital assistants to convert natural language commands into computer actions, for example, “Find me a refrigerator on Craigslist for under $1,000.”

  • Kara Rodby headshot

    Kara Rodby SM '19, PhD ’22 (Energy)

    Technical Principal, Volta Energy Technologies

    Rodby works on the technical team at Volta Energy Technologies, a venture capital firm focused on identifying and investing in breakthrough energy storage innovations.

  • Rostam Reifschneider headshot

    Rostam Reifschneider ’21 (Manufacturing & Industry)

    Cofounder, Hydrova

    Hydrova focuses on a $12 billion waste problem for aluminum manufacturers, converting waste byproducts into valuable products.


  • Ceridwen Riley headshot

    Ceridwen Riley ’16 (Education)

    Cofounder, SciShow Tangents

    Riley produces videos, creates digital games, and hosts podcasts to share resources and uplift historically marginalized sources of knowledge.    

  • Zachary Schiffer headshot

    Zachary Schiffer PhD ’21 (Science)

    Incoming Assistant Professor, Harvard University

    Schiffer works on decarbonizing the chemical industry. He has designed a novel system to capture carbon dioxide from ocean water quickly and inexpensively.

  • Aya Suzuki headshot

    Aya Suzuki ’18 (Consumer Technology)

    Cofounder, Aavia

    Aavia is a Gen-Z focused hormone health app that helps people track how their ovarian hormones impact their daily lives.    

  • Ethan Thornton headshot

    Ethan Thornton (Manufacturing & Industry)

    Founder, Mach Industries

    Thornton dropped out of MIT and launched Mach Industries to create better defense systems for the United States and its allies, fueled by hydrogen.

  • Sergio Heli Triana Sierra headshot

    Sergio Heli Triana Sierra (Science)

    Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT

    Triana researches new technologies for studying infectious diseases, focusing on neglected viruses endemic to South America, Asia, and Africa, including Ebola, yellow fever, and dengue.

  • Javier Viaña headshot

    Javier Viaña (Science)

    Cofounder, aims to add “explainability” to AI systems, such as those used in healthcare, so that results are better understood. Cofounder Viañais is also a postdoctoral associate at MIT. 

  • Daniel Whatley headshot

    Daniel Whatley ’20, MEng ’21 (Enterprise Technology)

    Cofounder, Vividly

    Vividly aims to automate the consumer packaged goods industry with an operating system to streamline data entry. Vividly also has features to forecast sales needs and pricing/margins.

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Jeffrey Dieffenbach

Tue, 12/19/2023 6:46am

… but how can 35 MIT students/postdocs/others, all outstanding no doubt, be on a list of 30 people under age 30? The math doesn’t add up.