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Where Would You Live?

  • Amy Marcott
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Imagine for a moment that instead of being alumni, as many Slice readers are, you went back in time and became prefrosh again. (!) Would you make the same housing choices that you did the first time around?

To get you thinking, we pulled together a handful of fairly recent i3 videos (Interactive Introduction to the Institute). Take a look, and let us know what you think. Does it seem that things have changed a lot since you were a freshman? Would you ever return to dormitory living? Where would you live?

Baker House 2010

MIT - Official Baker Dorm i3 Video 2010 from Christina Qi on Vimeo.

Bexley 2008

Burton Conner 2010

East Campus 2008

MacGregor 2008

McCormick 2009

New House 2010

Next House 2010

Random Hall 2009

Senior Haus 2010

Simmons 2009

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Thu, 08/26/2010 1:21pm

East Campus for sure.

If not, maybe no. 6.

If not, maybe Bexley had it not been passed through strong tribal inheritance.


Wed, 08/25/2010 4:28pm

I lived in two places off-campus and two places (Bexley and Senior Haus) on-campus, so I have to think about this.

Bexley and Senior Haus both had their own unique "charm", so it's hard to choose which one I would have liked to lived at for four years.

Can't beat either location for getting to class in ten minutes after waking up. Of course having a room facing Mass. Ave while at Bexley almost trumps the chance to have a room with a balcony at Senior Haus.

I can't decide.


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