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This week the United States celebrates National Volunteer Week, a special time for organizations, like MIT, to honor their volunteers and celebrate the invaluable impact they have on furthering worthy missions.

More than 15,000 MIT alumni currently serve as volunteers for the Institute. Their involvement enables MIT to recruit the most talented students, raise important funds, keep alumni and friends meaningfully engaged, and help the Institute to create a better world.

“Volunteers are the foundation of the Alumni Association and we are forever grateful for their passion and dedication to MIT,” says MIT Alumni Association CEO Whitney T. Espich.

The video above recognizes the outstanding service of volunteers who choose to stay connected to MIT long after graduation, and their selfless dedication to go above and beyond to help students, each other, and the entire Institute.

On behalf of the MIT Alumni Association: THANK YOU to all MIT volunteers!

For more information on volunteering for the Alumni Association and for MIT, visit the Volunteer section of the Alumni Association website or contact

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