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This snapshot of MIT's subterranean complex of interconnected tunnels reminded Napier Fuller SM ’04 of “the Athena clusters’ all nighters—maxing out CPUs running queries in Geographical Information Systems—those were the days!”

Tim Hyland ’88 recalled the tunnels as a respite from New England weather commenting, “Loved knowing the shortcuts underground when it was raining, snowing, or just cold outside. Too bad the tunnels didn't extend to Next House!” And for others, the picture brought back memories of late night escapades. Mark Roman ’87 caught the hint with his comment “The discarded racing chairs, abandoned at the bottom of the ramp.” Add your own memories to the post.

Other posts bring out the competitive and curious nature of MIT alumni. This photo encouraged hearty debate about whether it represented a course in triple integration, linear algebra or vector analysis. Join the debate11-30-16_scratchwork_resized

Sometimes an image speaks to those quiet, solitary moments on campus. Amy Hanlon Newell ’97 commented, “Loved my time sailing on the Charles while at MIT,” and Antonia Silvestri ’61 added, “I miss you Charles!”11-30-16_dometbt_resized

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Hank Valcour

Wed, 11/30/2016 12:23pm

I am class of 56 Course 13
I remember on a warmish May day going sailing during lunch hour and it being so peaceful on the Charles being late for my next class. Being Course 13 (Naval Arch & Marine Eng) the profs were a bit lenient

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