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Photo of the Week by Irina Medvedev SM ’01—January 9, 2016

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Determined, Alaska (©Irina Medvedev).
Determined, Alaska (©Irina Medvedev).

Irina Medvedev is a photographer in Cambridge, MA. View more work on her website. View other alumni photos of the week.

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Philip Lieberman

Sun, 01/01/2017 8:42pm

Would you like to see some photographs of places and people that few have ever seen?
inner Dolpo Nepal, The Dumje protection rite in Pangboche Nepal, Photos of the 15th century Tibetan wall paintings of lo Manthang, Nepal that were commissioned by the Getty Foundation.

In addition to my Evolutionary biology "hat" i'm listed in "EWho's who in American Art" and have photographs in several museum collections and over a hundred that were in the New York Times and other publications. Photos in mist parts of the world and the USA, A corpus that being put on the website of UCL's School of Asian and Oriental Studies - A Tibetan world that was. which wouldbe suitable for an exhibition


Wed, 12/28/2016 1:18pm

Yes, I know your name means BEAR in Russian; hence my comment to share this with with the rest of the class and MIT community as well. BTW, Down with Cole. It's time to step down and out. Thanks for the fun foto. BTW Long live Senior House another 100 years.

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