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For nearly 20 years, the MIT Alumni Association’s Student/Alumni Externship Program has placed thousands of MIT students in short-term alumni-sponsored internships around the globe. In 2014, the program placed more than 400 students at nearly 300 companies in 16 US states and seven countries.

More than 200 MIT alumni sponsored externships, including Dr. Anastassios Pittas ’91, an associate professor and co-director of the Diabetes Center at Tufts University School of Medicine.

“My experience at MIT was truly life-altering,” says Dr. Anastassios Pittas ’91. “After graduation, it was pretty easy for me to give back to MIT in any way I could. When the externship opportunity came up, it was easy to jump on it.”

Pittas and his wife, Dr. Helen Delichatsios ’90, have sponsored externships for 15 years. Their two-week placement, which takes place at Tufts Medical Center, exposes students to different types of specialty medicine and helps them make an informed decision about choosing a career in a medical field.

The externship offered by Dr. Pittas and Dr. Delichatsios is one example of the hundreds of externships offered each year. For more information on the Student/Alumni Externship Program, visit

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