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Nearly 2,700 MIT alumni work for companies featured on MIT Technology Review's 50 smartest companies in 2017 list.

Earlier this month, MIT Technology Review released its list of the 50 smartest companies in 2017. According to the magazine, the featured companies made the list by anticipating digital technologies, their digital-focused business models, and successfully forecasting industry monopolizations.

According to the MIT Alumni Association’s Online Alumni Directory, nearly 2,700 MIT alumni work at these smartest companies, including at least one alum at 38 of the 50 organizations listed, which includes Nvidia, SpaceX, Tesla, and Alphabet.

More than 100 alumni work for at least eight of the smartest companies (listed below), including at least five organizations that employ more than 300 MIT alumni.

IBM (ranked 39): 530 MIT alumni Microsoft (27): 370 alumni Intel (13): 334 alumni Apple (16): 316 alumni Amazon (3): 310 alumni General Electric (40): 259 alumni Facebook (23): 123 alumni Merck (17): 123 alumni

Records in the Online Alumni Directory may be inexact, but Tech Review’s list speaks to the critical mass of MIT alumni working for the world’s smartest organizations.

Learn more about the 50 smartest companies at Tech Review then search the alumni directory to find more about each organization and the alumni who work there. MIT alumni can also search the directory by major, location, occupation, and more. Use the directory to reconnect with student organizations or capitalize on your MIT connections when visiting a new city or looking for career advice and job leads.

What’s your take on Tech Review’s list? Is there an organization with a significant number of MIT alumni that is not included on the list? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook and Twitter.

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