Sloanie Develops Natural Lash-Lengthening Serum

by Maddy Myers on October 25, 2013

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wink1Using a serum to lengthen eyelashes may sound tempting, but in the past, it’s been a risk. Lash-thickener Latisse, for example, became notorious for causing eye discoloration. Megan Cox, a Sloanie in the class of 2014 with a chemistry background, believed she could develop a product that didn’t include risky ingredients like hormones or prostaglandin, but would still get results.

Last July, Cox launched Wink Natural Cosmetics after having tested her product on 13 people, including herself, according to a Times Leader interview.  Wink’s FAQ says testers grew 20% more lashes on average after 8-10 weeks of product use.Cox developed the product for her personal use after she grew weary of the expense of false eyelashes and the inefficacy of the lengthening serums on the market.

Wink will also help thicken eyebrows. The FAQ further elaborates that “testing for eyebrows was not as extensive, but those who used it found they could grow back in patches where they had over-plucked for years. The product can also help grow ‘new hairs’ that never existed (i.e. stimulate dormant follicles), but the results will be much more noticeable (i.e. thicker) in places where you originally grew brows.”

“The dream is to have more products,” Cox told Times Leader, “but the next product is contingent on the success of the first.” Wink can be found at several salons in Cox’s home state of Indiana, or purchased via the online shop.

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